The Flavor Difference

The Flavor Difference

E-juice from Freedom Smoke USA is available in a wide variety of flavors, and customizable strengths the vaper can choose ensuring that the vaper can find an e-juice flavor suitable to their tastes, and needs. The flavor selections are far beyond the average e-cigarette companies. We have taken e-juice blending to the next level, and we dare to experiment to make the most unique e-juice out there. We are not your grandfather’s tobacco company; we stand out from the others.

The Taste for Tobacco.

Tobacco smokers that are making the transition to e-cigarettes appreciate flavors that have an approximate classic tobacco tastes. Finding that said e-juice makes it easier for the vaper to make the change to e-cigarettes. As the user gets more comfortable with the thought of vaping they will then venture out trying more flavors that go beyond the classic tobacco flavors. FSUSA offers many different classic tobacco flavors such as Maxx-Blend, PureCig, and Wyatt Earp.

Are you mad for Menthol?

If you are looking for the refreshing burst of mint that awakens your senses then Freedom Smoke USA’s menthol flavors will leave you wanting more. We make the classic menthol flavor along with the extreme menthol flavors. We have the traditional menthol tobacco flavor along with the fruity menthol flavors. Our menthol flavors are clean, smooth, and many vapers consider us the best in the market. However we offer many other types of menthol flavors including Cool Fusion which is a fruity blast of menthol.

Need that fruity blast?

FSUSA has made a multitude of fruity flavors for the vaper that prefers that fruity explosion of flavor. FSUSA has made it possible to vape the flavor that you used to only be able to get in the form of candy, gum or sweets. We have a wide variety of fruity flavors from simple to tropical. Our fruity flavors are popular because the amazing taste that comes from the various flavors that we do offer.

The Taste for the Exotic Flavors.

Proving that e-juices are not your father’s tobacco, Freedom Smoke USA has a line of e-juices that is for the adventurous vaper. Espresso, Acai Berry, and Vanilla Tahity are just three of the flavors in our line of exotic flavors. For more daring vapors, we offer e-juices such as Bacon Fried, Tuna, and Pizza most vapors are surprised you can vape these flavors, but it is possible. When it comes to exotic flavors, each line has its own fan base.

Sampling the Flavors

With so many options, how do you make a choice? The answer is to test each one, focusing on the flavors that appeal to your palate. Freedom Smoke USA offers a master pack which outlines different flavor combinations as well as smaller sample packs, and individual sample bottles. Great taste is just the beginning.