We are suppliers of the world’s finest e-juices which are custom blended in our facilities by our uniquely trained staff. We also stock a wide variety of hardware, from different manufacturers, that covers from beginners to devoted enthusiasts.

These are the reasons why we consider our juice to be the finest in the world:

  • Our juices are made of completely American USDA certified and inspected ingredients, except for our flavoring which is made in Italy.
  • We are a U.S. National and worldwide distributor of flavors for FlavourArt in Italy, a company that is widely recognized as providers for the world’s foremost and finest
  • Our nicotine is 99.999 percent pure and certified by U.S. labs.
  • Our vegetable glycerin(VG) and propylene glycol(PG) ingredients are made in labs in
    the U.S. and our VG is certified Kosher.

Basically, we only put four ingredients in our juices which include: nicotine, PG, VG, and flavor. We DO NOT put water, alcohol or any other kind of cut into our juices. Our juices are the world’s finest for the reason that we do not and will not compromise FLAVOR in our products for any reason whatsoever. We know that you can find other juices out there but we invite you to place one of our juice bottles next to other juices and gaze at the difference, compare the aromas, and taste-test the two of them. You will then immediately understand that our juice is the finest in the world. We are Vapers just like you, and what we put in our own bodies is nothing short of the best there is. We are pleased and honored to share that

So once again, welcome to Freedom Smoke USA.

We are a Tucson, Arizona family-owned company. We have seven children and a strong work ethic. That family-owned atmosphere is shown in our product packaging, shipping, and communications and are well-reflected in who we are, and why you should choose to buy products from us.


David, Pamela & The Kids